Jewellery Journey

Our Jewellery is complex and personal, each piece embodies what’s meaningful to you.


The real value lies in the art of creativity, the creation of beauty is art. Art is not what you see, but what you make other see. Art can never exist without beauty displayed. Art is not handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.


To supporting women make up for themselves through quality Amero products and being the number one choice for jewellery products that have beautiful models


Having the highest position in the jewellery industry market and providing customer service satisfaction through: (1) Product design variations. (2) High product quality. (3) Empowerment of human resources, and (4) International quality technology system

“Jewellery Is Like The Perfect Spice, It Always Complements What's Already There.”

Diane von Furstenberg

The People Culture


Integrity. Collaboration. Accuration. Responsibility. Excellent.


Producing gold jewelry across the world.



1990 – Started as jewelry shop in Jakarta

2011 – Shifting focus to fashionable and high quality jewelries

2015 – Started producing jewelries at new facility (50 employees)

2020 – Factory expansion focusing on increasing production capacity


highly skilled artisans

Producing gold jewelry across the world.

the art of technology


Imbuing traditional accents and values through a high technology and advanced method to create our jewelleries.

The Exceptional Quality

Elegant. Bold. Confident. Brilliant.
Beautiful Shines. Excellent Finishings.

Clever Modish

The ability of having the stylish and elegant appearance and sophisticated taste.

Amero is an inseparable part of the lifestyle, a personal branding of a social life. It’s in you because you are
precious, and classy. Amero aims to be worth having and affordable. There is always a price for pride.