Leora : Shining Through The Transparency



Last April 4th, 2022, Amero Jewellery launched a new collection, LEORA. The jewellery features exquisitely transparent Crystalline Ceramic, capturing a plethora of lights through. It’s dainty and light yet full of details, truly a dream comes true! With its soft hues and luminous glow, Leora is essentially an ode to romanticism.

The Leora launching was attended by DeGold Jewellery’s store partners from across Indonesia. The event showcased Leora in an intimate and exclusive setting.

Leora is made for the dream makers, a personification of mature women who turn dreams into reality. With Leora’s minimalist elegance, it’s a versatile lifestyle jewellery collection for someone feminine and confident. Its transparency conveys sincerity and genuine ways of life.

Beautifully crafted, with advanced technology and thoughtful process, This collection features Crystalline Ceramic, 17K gold in Rose Gold and White Gold colors. Leora is a finesse designed to capture the essential elegance of minimalism. It’s everything we had dreamed of in jewellery, now can be found at Amero’s Store Partners spread across Indonesia.