AMERO JEWELLERY and PURANA INDONESIA Enters European Market Through Fashion Division.

PURANA and AMERO, are ready to try their luck in the European market by presenting the Fall/Winter collection at the Fashion Division, Ready-to-Wear 22/23. After the canceled plan of presentation in September 2020 Fashion Division (FD), PURANA and AMERO now confirm that we will showcase the collection at the famed fashion event on the upcoming March 5, 2022.

PURANA dan AMERO will be presenting their collection in the Fashion Division, at The Westin Paris Vendome. Fashion Division directly selected PURANA to present a collection on the Paris runway, in an event that also featured 12 other selected Indonesian brands. We use this opportunity to present its collection in Paris to enter the European market, following the succession of Purana in the markets of the United States and the Middle East.

“PURANA will be presenting the Fall/Winter 22/23 collection that we have specially prepared for Paris. We had started the work in 2019, when FD expressed its interest in the PURANA collection for the first time,” Nonita Respati, Creative Director of PURANA, explained.

“We Were Thrilled With FD’s Decision And We Prepared A New Collection Right Away For Paris. Unfortunately, When It Was Almost Ready, The Pandemic Strikes And The Show That Was Planned To Take Place In September 2020 Had To Be Canceled,” Nonita Recalled.

Not only was the show canceled, but the situation forced PURANA and AMERO to adjust its collection from Spring/Summer theme into Fall/Winter. However, these difficulties did not deter PURANA and AMERO from giving our best for the brand’s upcoming debut in Europe.

“the meeting is highly important for purana to be able to connect with buyers in europe,”said nonita.

“The challenge that comes next for us is how to create Fall/Winter looks that are still appealing for the Indonesian market,” Nonita gave a little hint about the story behind the production.

AMERO Jewellery is no stranger to PURANA, as the two brands had previously collaborated for a Spring/Summer collection in 2020 in Jakarta. For this upcoming presentation, the collaboration between PURANA dan AMERO started from co-creating the mood board. Following the mood board, PURANA sketched the jewelry design suitable for its collection.

For this opportunity, AMERO Jewellery collection has strengthened the Indonesian identity with an emphasis on cultural heritage in a modern fashion. AMERO Jewellery named the collection for the Paris show “Lavani – Borobudur Edition”. Lavani, essentially, means grace in Sanskrit. The word Lava is also meant as an homage to the wonderful lava rocks that are ubiquitous across the archipelago.

“In The Series Of Our Opulent Jewelry Designs, AMERO Pays Tribute To Indonesia’s Rich Cultural Heritage,” Steven Ronaldo, Director Of Product And Design Development At AMERO, Explained.

Steven went on to say that this edition of Lavani took inspiration close to the birthplace of AMERO, the city of Magelang where the magnificent Borobodur temple stands. Based on a three-dimensional concept, Lavani – Borobudur edition highlighted the temple’s dovetail, the ancient interlocking key that holds its iconic design intact.

Lavani – Borobudur edition is crafted from 18 carat gold, plated with gold, while certain pieces are plated with black rhodium. As the final touch, each piece in the collection is hand-finished by the surface artisans to gain special effects reminiscent of the distinctive textures of lava rocks or temple stones.

Lavaniis created with the thought of women who are true to their hearts, as portrayed in the Borobudur relief Mandatara Avadana,” Steven concluded.